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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day Trip to Taman Botani Shah Alam

It has several other names as well such as Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam, Taman Pertanian Malaysia, Taman Botanic Negara, etc. *shrugs* That’s the way it is...

Anyway, was introduced to this park by a nature-loving-friend (you know who you are ;) ). ^^ Got up at 7am this morning, drove over to his house, hopped into his car and went to the park. There were many people around, mainly on school expeditions, family trips, day trip with friends, etc. Got our entrance tickets (yes, you have to pay. But it’s a very small sum, no worries. =) ) and entered into the unknown~


Ok la. It’s not THAT scary...just...take note of the following whenever you set out to a place you’ve either NEVER BEEN TO, DON’T KNOW MUCH ABOUT or JUST DON’T REMEMBER MUCH:
  1. Pack necessities. For example, food and water, tissue, etc. Sometimes even the most ridiculous stuff can come in handy but don’t over pack either, like bring your whole house. That’s just too much. ^^’
  2. Get yourself a guide/map of the place you’re heading to, and the way to and fro your original departure place to your destination.
  3. Get a contact number of someone who is in charge of the place or friends/family members who is familiar with the area. This is especially so if you’re going ALONE.

There may be more, but these are the few I remember at the moment.

So, what’s so special about the park or more like why did I go so far just to exercise? bicycle is gone, my uncle’s bicycle can’t be use and THEY RENT BICYCLES TO PARK VISITORS!!! Woohoo!!!! Long time never ride already. xD

Many people were queuing up to rent their own bicycles. Here’s a note, because they charge rental by hourly usage. They issue you a ticket along with the bicycle of your choice on a condition they hold your something to identify you (normally your IC). I suggest you use your driving license instead. It’s safer.

After we got the bicycle (we only took one since only one of us knew how to ride...thank goodness it was only one anyway, you’ll figure out later why) we followed the crowd up a hill and wherever the road led us to. It was a long way with many uphills and downhills. So it was quite tiring but bearable.

We saw some people doing “flying-fox”s and other adventurous stuff. It looked really cool! But I believe it’s quite expensive. Oo Oh, you get to watch people facing and overcoming acrophobia (fear of heights). ^^’ The encouragements giving to them by their fellow friends are quite funny to listen to as well. xD “Be a man!” xD

So we carried on along the road, went on straight until we hit a dead end, detoured, hit another dead end (see why we need the map now?), back tracked and major detour. This detour....fuuuh....feels so difficult thinking about it. The hill sloped so steep that it was so tiring to even push the bicycle up (that's why I said luckily we only took one bicycle). That whole detour was really exhausting. It was so far, we were hungry, water in low supply and we were desperate to see civilization.

Then finally we saw a group of cyclers. We decided to go check out a dam....but there was nothing there. Another uphill climb and onwards to find more civilisation. (I hope I’m getting my sequence of events right. @@) We went pass some zoo like area and came to a sign that clearly indicates “EXIT”.

Although exhausted, I dragged my friend to continue on with the road to see other stuff. xD Poor fella. Luckily we got a drink at a nearby stall. Amd we also saw a sign that leads us to our other original goal for the day: The 4 Seasons House...or some similar name. Here’s the’s suppose to be an indoor garden with an actual seasonal weather. In Malaysia, we always have Summer....and we went to visit SUMMER!! X.x Something really wrong with us.... But we went in anyway, no regrets. xD

Inside the 4 Season place - part of it

Nice flowers~

More flowers!

The plants were beautiful and the temperature...although a little dry, it was like “Canada” according to my friend. xD The set when a whole crowd of noisy primary students storm in when space is not plentiful to begin with. Someone go read the sign board outside that says how many people are allowed in PER SESSION before you come in! Grrr...

Anyway, that was our last area we went to in the park. We gave up totally after that and headed back to return the bicycle and go grab some decent lunch...or whatever is seemingly available. Would we go back? Hm...maybe, but not so soon....not after today. x.x

In my opnion, the whole experience was...not too bad. I now know where I can go to for cycling and an interesting 4 season place. Maybe I’ll try the “flying-fox” stuff next time. =p Also, visit the other dam. Hope it's better. ‘Til then...Zzzzz....

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